Sheet Music

Music Pocketbook. Easy Pieces for Classical Guitar

ComposerAndriy Andrushko
PublisherAndriy Andrushko
Genre Classical / Instrumental
Instrumentation Classical guitar
Scored forSolo, Duo
Type of scoreScore for two performers, For a single performer
Difficulty Very easy
Year of composition 2018
“Music Pocketbook” is the collection of simple pieces that aims to present a new approach to learning of elementary classical guitar playing.
The new approach is based on two fundamental statements: (1) the comfort and easiness of playing is more important than the simplicity of a music work notation; (2) the “rest stroke” (apoyando) serves as the base for the correct way of classical guitar plucking, and therefore is more important than the “free stroke” (tirando).
The first part of the collection contains pieces that will help learners to master the “apoyando” method and get acquainted with the notes positioning on the neck. These are mainly the melodies of Ukrainian folk and ritual songs, as well as some etudes to develop different technical skills. All the examples in this part are edited in such a way that ensures the maximal easiness of playing – the sounds are to be performed only with the “apoyando” method, and the positions on the neck are placed mainly within the range of V-X frets.
The second part contains duets for the youngest players. As in the first part, all the notes are to be performed with the “apoyando” method, and positions embrace only the upper half of the neck.
In contrast to the first two parts, the pieces from the third part require possession of all the guitar playing methods and will be more interesting to more experienced learners. The fingering in these pieces is indicated only in separate places and aims just to support comprehension of some parts of the music material.

The PDF Sheet Music of the composition contains 38 pages. Fingering is indicated where appropriate. The supporting audio file represents one of the compositions included into the collection – “Round Dance”.

The collection is available also in a hard copy version. For those who have purchased the collection via MusicaNeo, and want also to have a hard copy of the book, I will send the HARD COPY FOR FREE. You will have just to cover the shipping charges. Please contact me via the contact form or via email.

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