Andriy Andrushko

As I started to study music I didn’t intend to become a composer. Like the majority of novices I was just fond of guitar and wanted to be a “cool guy on the stage”, like those we saw every day on TV. Later on, I also dreamed to perform wonderful and virtuosic guitar pieces, which I could often hear from my guitar teacher.

Studying and practicing, I sometimes managed to combine some constructions of sounds or chords progressions, which seemed to be different, original and interesting to me. These moments brought me the greatest pleasure and joy from music. I tried to put those slices of music together, and sometimes even succeeded to compose, as I thought at that time, a complete musical work.

One day, when I already studied at the music college, an opportunity occurred to show one of those “works” to my teacher. She liked the work so much that she decided to support my composition efforts. First of all, she convinced me that this was very good, what I was doing, and really important: “There’s lack of repertoire for guitar – she said – and new works are extremely needed”. Soon, she found for me a composition tutor so that I could deal with composition in a more professional way.

And probably thanking to her dedicated and enthusiastic support I decided to continue my musical studies as a composer, not as a performer. It was the more exciting that I entered the class of the well-known Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk, who was one of my favorite musicians, and who, I believed, could teach me a lot. And he actually did.